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The AIM TESTING BOARD is a very useful stuff for testing the accuracy of the aim. Using a laser beam you can know the degree of the lateral divergence of your aim and of the loft.

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The Aim Testing Board is a target to check the accuracy of your aiming using a laser pointer.
The numbers on the board refer to the degrees of misalignment at a distance of 1 meter (3.3 feet); to know the degrees from greater distances simply divide the value on the board by the distance. The same applies to the loft of the putter face.

Considering that green laser pointers are prohibited (if > 1 mW) in mainland EU, the beam of red laser pointers is also made visible with this table

The board is designed for green and indoor practice.

Outdoors on the practice green, simply slide the tee pegs into the yellow rear slots and drive them into the ground.

For indoor use, insert the tee pegs in the two holes at the base of the board so that the board remains vertical (or almost vertical).


set up on the practice green                                                                 set up on indoor carpet


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