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The SPEED MAT is a simple and portable tool for training the witdh of the puttier swing and the distance reachs by the ball.

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The SPEED MAT is a simple and portable tool for training the witdh of the putting swing and the distance reaches by the ball. The colored tags on the mat help you to visually keep in memory the width of the swing and to transform it in an automatic motorial memory.

  • Set the Mat in a flat portion of the green and place the 2 tee pegs on the top of the mat
  • Make some putts with different width based on the colored references on the mat and with your usual timing.
  • Then, set on the green the colored pins at the distance reached by the ball based on the color width of the backswing. Now start training to check the reached the distance with the same swing amplitude, but with different timing (lower and faster).
  • Repeat the same drill uphill and downhill; the goal is to find the best timing for each situation and distance.

The SPEED MAT has the function of tuning the distance according to the width of the swing, so as to be able to ascertain, also on the basis of the 3 timings, which distance the ball travels in relation to the width of the swing. So it can also be used to qualitatively check the stimp of the green.

With swings of different amplitudes, you can check how far the ball reaches.

Let me explain better.

Let’s imagine that with your own timing and an amplitude of about 3.5 (SPEED MAT scale) on one green the ball reaches 15 feet, and in another green the 18 feet means that this second green will have an estimate of about 3 units. more. This will allow the player to tune the width of the swing according to the stimp of the green on which he plays.

On the basis of the table below, it can be estimated that for each% of ascent or descent the apparent stimp will vary, so for example with stimp 8 and a swing of 3.5 amplitude (scale of the SPEED MAT) the ball is flat. it will reach, we said, 15 feet, while uphill 2% it will reach a distance of about 13.5 feet and downhill a distance of 17 feet

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