Volvendum is manifactured in Italy

VOLVENDUM, from the Latin word meaning “rolling” . A new concept of the putter coming from the physic of impact and ball rolling studies. VOLVENDUM putters are handcrafted with utmost care in the selection and use of materials, carefully in balance, and weights fitting to provide the player with a putter that fits his characteristics and not vice versa.

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The Logo

The logo comes from the geometric study of a sphere, like a golf ball, during a perfect rolling movement. Chosen an ideal point anywhere on the surface of the ball, it will trace, in its rolling, a shape known as “cycloid” that can be graphically represented as the picture.

The Material.

VOLVENDUM is made of high-quality aluminum enriched with magnesium and manganese to ensure mechanical strength while keeping a “soft” feeling during all impact, a characteristic of this type of material. The aluminum is milled until the final shape is obtained.

The coloring.

The putter head is not painted, but it is covered by a micrometric layer of colored aluminum, obtained by electrolyte anodizing. The coatings obtained by electrolysis have a higher resistance to abrasion and mechanical strength and higher resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents..

The color is essential to test with which color each player has the best aim, for this reason, Volvendum has decided to produce the same type of putter with different colours.

Five colors are available:

red, blue, green, black and orange gold.

The putter head shape.

A putter head with a rounded impact face is not a new thing, but Volvendum drew a profile that is not circular, but it has the same shape as a portion of the cycloid.

The sweet spot.

Due to the weights placed peripherally, the sweet spot is much wider than other putters on the market.
The overall width is equal to the top row, so that wherever the ball is hit it will start on the shooting line and with the same energy if it was hit perfectly in the center.

The imprint impact shape.

Putter heads with a rounded impact face are not new, but Volvendum has in fact a profile that is not circular but follows the shape of a portion of a cycloid.This special shape fo the putter face has 3 great advantages:

The best possible impact point with the ball considering an elevation of the putter sole from the ground between 1 to 6 mm;

The dynamic loft is always 0°, thus ensuring a quick rolling of the ball.

The impact point is smaller than the one of the classic flat facee.

With a flat putter face, the point of impact assumes a different profile depending on the portion of the ball in contact with the face of the putter, as shown in the pictures below, and in some cases, the contact area becomes larger close to the cusps of the ball dimples due to the slight compression of the surface.

The ball rolls better.

As shown before, the flat face putter has different points of contact with the ball and certainly below and above the ball mass center (CM); this implies that the forces acting on the ball will operate in the competition. In particular, the force below the ball mass center generates the backspin, observed in the first centimeters of motion, and, as long as the static friction does not exceed the skidding friction, the ball will not start to roll.

In the case of a putter with a round face, the impact point is a line so to eliminate the two competing and opposing forces and the ball will roll immediately without backspin.

The weigh position.

Also, the novelty of this putter is the rear weights are adjustable so for balancing the geometry of the head simply moving outside or inside one or both weights.
This option permits to modify the MOI (Moment of Inertia) without changing the total head weight; no other putter on the market has this option.

The weights set.

VOLVENDUM putter has the opportunity to choose the best head weight for your feeling and swing.
It’s possible to change the head weight to obtain a:

  • light 300 grams

  • medium 325 grams

  • heavy 350 grams

The content of the Accessory Kit is:

  • 2 weights each of 34 grams
  • 2 weights each of 64,5 grams
  • 2 weights each of 59 grams
  • plus one hex key and two grub screws.

The counterweight.

(optional- only on request).

Being the balance that gives the feeling to be holding a light or heavier object in the hands, there is also another tool for an additional degree of fitting to better meet the needs and feeling of each player: the weight into the shaft. Usually the weights are placed in a single fixed point inside the shaft; inside Volvendum’s shaft there is instead a weight of 50 grams (adjustable weight plus 40 grams of the stator) that can be moved (by rotating an hex key in the shaft head) up or down, up to 4 inches, without removing the grip. 

The counter weight, during the putter fitting or at any time, can be adjusted down or up using the same hex-key provided to fix the rear weights .

The balance weight is made to be moved into the shaft at the preferred position by the player without having to remove the grip. The balance weight is firmly set into the shaft and it is made as described in the drawing and pictures. 

By rotating the hex-key, the threaded rod inside the shaft rotates as well but the friction of the Neoprene foam prevents the weight from rotating, so that it can only go up or down along the shaft; screwing clockwise the weight moves upwards, and counterclockwise downwards. 

With 30 complete turns the weight will move 1 inch.


Volvendum putter has a perfect balance. The balance of each of its components is checked during the set-up. The final test, before positioning the grip, is the verification that the putter remains standing alone only resting on the sole.