45.00 (VAT included)
    PUTTER LINE GATE The PLG is the first ever training tool tool able to eliminate involuntary compensations and to provide an objective evidence of the interpretation of the slopes on the green. The Protractor, associated with the gates, can accurately determine which is the correct line of launch for the presumed slope.

    23.00 (VAT included)
    The PLG Green is a training tool designed to improve the launch trajectory of the ball and to eliminate non voluntary compensations. It’s the first tool that combine simplicity of use and effectiveness. One of the most crucial aspects for a good set-up is to correctly align the face of the putter with the aim point.

    18.00 (VAT included)
    Elevated String made with quality aluminum stakes that won't damage the green. ES is the only one in the market with the original string length and elevation locking system. 3 meters of elastic rope extensible up to 5 meters. Packaging: Clear shell 30 x 5 x 5

    12.00 (VAT included)
    The BALL GATE FLEX is a new and original tool of RO&CHI GOLF. It is the first in the market with adjustable width in one gate (3 gates in each pack).
  • CheckerBall

    12.00 (VAT included)
    This is a great tool to discover and establish a square putterface at impact. They are no longer made but a small supply is still available.  So, get yours now.
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