• 4FS

    28.00 (VAT included)
    4Feet Stick is a simple but effective tool for training short putts. It is provided with 6 stimps references: from 7 to 12 of stimp
  • Aimpoint Express Calibration Board

    72.00 (VAT included)
      - Available  after 10th of January 2023 The new AimPoint Express Calibration Board is quick and easy to set up and can be used both outdoors on the practice green and indoors on synthetic turf.
    • 6 boards with the same stimp on both sides of the board (from 8 to 13)
    For purchase in USA: AimPoint Golf

    64.00 (VAT included)
    Absolutely the first tool for training the slope reading. Derived from the classic PLG, it is design, in collaboration with Mark Sweeney and Jamie Donaldson, for the AimPoint system. Produced with unbreakable material, it can be bend and spring back at the original position.

    For purchase in USA: AimPoint Golf


    45.00 (VAT included)
    PUTTER LINE GATE The PLG is the first ever training tool tool able to eliminate involuntary compensations and to provide an objective evidence of the interpretation of the slopes on the green. The Protractor, associated with the gates, can accurately determine which is the correct line of launch for the presumed slope.

    15.00 (VAT included)

    The Phantom Hole is a simulacrum of the hole made with high-quality self-modeling material, only 0.5 mm thickness.

    Phantasma Hole can be customized with your own logo. Let's send an email to info@roechigolf.it for any questions and a quotation.

    For purchase in USA: AimPoint Golf
  • Visual Aligner AimPoint

    22.00 (VAT included)
    The Visual Aligner is the first multi-purpose tool designed for training the visualization of the target point. The Visual Aligner is also the best alternative to the Elevated String For purchase in USA: AimPoint Golf  
  • Aim Pointer

    5.00 (VAT included)
    The AIM POINTER is a simple and perfect tool for checking the aim line of the putter. Usually the eyes see a line of the target different from the real target pointed. Setting the putter on the aim target and placing the Aim Pointer attached to the putter face you will be able, going behind the Pointer  to check if your putter was pointed or not on the target. For purchase in USA: AimPoint Golf

    12.00 (VAT included)
    The BALL GATE FLEX is a new and original tool of RO&CHI GOLF. It is the first in the market with adjustable width in one gate (3 gates in each pack).

    24.00 (VAT included)
    The Mirror Aligner is a very useful tool to check the right alignment for the putting. Made with excellent plastic mirror, it is simple to carry in your bag and to set up on the practice putting.
  • Aim Solo

    14.00 (VAT included)
    Aim Solo was born from the perfection of an idea by Craig Farnsworth (PuttDoctor) with the collaboration of coach Jamie Donaldson. It is an indispensable tool for controlling the aiming of the putter face.

    19.00 (VAT included)
    The AIM TESTING BOARD is a very useful stuff for testing the accuracy of the aim. Using a laser beam you can know the degree of the lateral divergence of your aim and of the loft.
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